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Here's Your Chance To Generate Passive
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As you know, many list building methods others teach you simply DO NOT WORK FOR YOU.

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There are methods you can use to quickly and easily set up a list building system that brings in consistent passive profits.

These methods don't require you to do any labor intensive work and as a result are fun to do.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps laid out for you to set up your list building system quickly and then implement the simple subscriber getting methods and watch your list and profits grow.

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Listen, I know this might sound overwhelmingly complex and it's really not, but it needs to be explained step by step so I decided to combine everything you need to start generating quick easy subscribers and sales for you to take advantage of today.

I Call This Awesome Method...
Passive List Building Formula

A 38:47 minute video showing you step by step exactly what to do to set up a passive internet marketing niche list building machine.

Once you purchase this course today you'll see how easy it really is to build a list and bring in profits each month.

Here's What You'll Get Today...

Section 1 - Setting Up Your List Funnel

Section 2 - Making Your Funnel Profitable (Passive Income)

Section 3 - Easy Subscribers Even If You Have No List

Section 4 - Put Your List Building On Autopilot

Passive List Building Top Resources

Although this sounds like your investment today is going to cost you $100s... it won't.

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Your Fast Action Bonuses

Proven Opt-in And Download Page Templates

I want to make this as easy on you as possible so I'm going to give you my proven optin page template similar to the one that got me an 86.5% conversion rate.

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Proven Email Templates

Listen, I know writing emails is not always easy so I'm going to give you some of my best email templates that you can use to promote various products.

These templates are not based on trickery, but are based on getting lots of opens and clicks while at the same time being honest and straight forward.

Of course this goes great with the rest of the course you're getting today.

4 Rebrandable Reports Paying 100% Commission With Squeeze Pages

I debated about throwing this in here, but then I decided it would be really easy and fast if you have everything you need so you can start getting subscribers from day 1.

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