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From: Jeff Bode


Dear Smart Internet Marketer,

I’m Jeff Bode in 8 months I built a list from 0 to over 10,000 using the exact strategies I’m going to show you right now…

Listen, before March of 2009 I didn’t know how to build a list, the methods I previously used took too much time and as a result I gave up - sound familiar?

I actually deleted my list, because it wasn’t worth my time to email just under 200 people because I couldn’t get a response!

We’ve heard it over and over the money is in the list!

But the problem is most people don’t know how to build a list or they build their list so slowly that they eventually give up like I did.

Here’s the truth building a list is easy and doesn't require a lot of skill and effort, it just requires that you follow a proven system

Here's why most people have a hard time building a list...

I see these same issues over and over and I know exactly how to overcome them

It’s too technically challenging

Guess what? if you can watch a video and follow directions, you can easily overcome this challenge - You don’t need to know html you just need to know copy and paste plus how to type - it's simple

I can’t get enough traffic

Getting traffic is easy if you know where to go and more importantly if you can create a good optin (squeeze) page you can get half your visitors onto you list!

I don’t have anything to giveaway or sell

Wrong you can easily create a product using free information available freely online and it doesn’t take long to find a niche and create a product people want

Sure there are plenty of other reasons why you had a hard time building a list in the past and I know your struggle… I gave up out of frustration plenty of times

Do any of the problems above apply to you? If so this course is for you, I want to help you end your struggle to build a list!

I know you really want to be a full time internet marketer so here’s what I’ve done for you…

I’ve created a video training course that walks you thru how to find a hot niche, create a hot product and build a list in record time.

Why is this important? Because if you don’t have the right niche and a product people want – You’re Destine for Failure!

Most List Building Courses Completely Miss The #1 Factor To Your Success...

'They Don't Show You How To Create Products
People Walk Through Broken Glass To Get'

I Can Solve This Problem In Under 20 Minutes

I will take you by the hand and show you how you will create your own in demand product, that people will pay for and you will be able to do it all for little to no cost including creating stunning ebooks, audios and videos

Do you want to end the struggle to build a business that will make you more money as each month goes by?

Of course you do, I know you’re not an idiot, but even an idiot can do this

Before I tell you what exactly you’re going to get I want to share a secret with you…

Here's The 3 Main Components Of A Million Dollar Business...

1. Get Traffic

2. Place Them In Your Funnel (Email List)

3. Sell Quality Products To Them

Doesn't this make perfect sense? Couldn't you make a lot of money if you did this? ...the gurus do - and you will too as soon as you go through this course and apply the hidden gems inside

cash from viral report

Why Am I So Lucky To Get Such A Good Deal?

Because I know that when you build your list and making money each month with the methods described in this course, you will become a loyal customer of mine and you will know that I offer products that are truly worth much more than the price.

Just having a basic understanding of the skills you'll get from this course will make you a lifetime of profits... your success is truly my success I get my greatest joy out of your results

How much is it really worth to you to finally have money coming in every month like clockwork?

I'm sure you would happily pay $297 for training that could bring you $1,000s each month... but since I want to get you started right away and put this in the hands of everyone who desperately needs it...

I'm going to give you a deep, deep discount

Here's the thing... can you really afford to pass this up?

You see it took me a few years to learn how to build a list, if I knew then what I know now, I could have easily made $10,000s more by now... each month I struggled I actually lost $1,000s in potential easy profits

I got extremely lucky, I discovered and learned from the right people... I somehow picked the needle out of the haystack and learned from people who built their list quickly and effectively

Without that you're better off kissing your online success goodby - I refuse to let that happen to you

You see my life is 100x better now that I know this powerful information, I no longer work at a day job, I have no boss, I'm respected and proud of myself, I live with less stress and more happiness, I have time to spend with my friends and family - can you really afford to let your friends and family suffer? ...You deserve this life and it's closer than ever today

Here’s The Training Videos You’ll
Get Access To…

Module 1: Setting The Groundwork For 6 Figures

In this module you'll be setting the groundwork of your successful list building system. You'll learn why you have a huge advantage when you build a list the right way.

Module 2: Hot Product Creation Pt 1

In this module I'll reveal why product creation is the key to building a responsive rabid buyers list, yet most list builders don't focus on creating hot products... those that do crush the competition.

Module 3: Hot Product Creation Pt 2

In this module I'll reveal secrets most will never tell you about product creation, putting them to action will have your competition stunned.

I Like The Way You Go Through A Walked Example

Hi Jeff,

I just went through your product. Here's what I liked about it:

1.Great layout using the mind mapping software
2.Content Rich - You provide the real essentials to list building in the various means to get traffic and create products
3. Finding info on product creation is always the tricky thing, I like the way you go through a walked example of using the different resources to find topics that you know are being serached for, it's one thing reading it in an ebook, but another seeing a walked example. After watching this module no one can say they don't know how to do it.
4. Great pace and easy to follow.

Who's this product for? I would say complete newbies this is a great place to start. If you have a list and are starting to grow again you will pick up some tips you may not be doing already.

Good product Jeff, and a steal at this price - really is!

Keep it up

Theo Handen

Module 4: List Funnel Profits

This is the fun stuff where the friendship is formed and the money is made. Using these deadly tactics you'll have a hard time stopping the money from rollin' in...

Module 5: Getting Quick Traffic

Here's where I expose a model of traffic generation that takes much less time and effort than 90% of the traffic techniques online. It's only possible when you build a list and works perfectly with it.

Module 6: Email Marketing Secrets

Long term profits and super affiliates are created when you know email marketing... it's what separtes you from the crowd and fuels your monthly profits.

Module 7: Feeding The System

This raps up what you need to do to ensure you keep the income rollin' in each month and how to grow your monthly income.

Bonuses That Make This Way Too Irresistible to Pass Up

To Make this an absolute no brainer for you, I've decided to give you some bonuses that will have you making more than your money back in no time. Here's what you get:

Bonus 1: 10 Minisite Templates

This will let you add some style to your optin pages, thank you pages, download pages, one time offers and sales pages... giving you a nice boost in credibility and as a result sales!

Each of these cool minisite templates comes in black, blue, green, purple and red... to fit the style and mood of your products

You have to agree this goes great with the course you will be getting today

Bonus 2: List Building Conquest Report, Iphone & Ipod Ready Videos and MP3 Audios

Since everyone prefers there own way of learning I'm giving you this training in Every format that you could possibly want...

This means you can watch the WMV video on your computer, listen to the MP3 on the go or pop this training into your Iphone or Ipod...

I even give you a step by step report that gives you easy implementation and quick referance

This makes it totally convenient for you

Bonus 3: The 'Secret List' Russell Brunson Used To Make 10x More Money With Less Effort... Than All Of His Other List Combined

In this special 69 minute audio Russell reveals how he gave away a $1 report and added over 20,000 subscribers to his list in 1 week

He'll reveal the 1 secret tweak he used to add over 10,000 people to his list with viral marketing

These tactics may seem unorthodox but will be deadly effective when implemented with this course you are getting today.

Warning: This is not for everyone!

To be honest it's best suited for those that don't already have a big list and those who want to make more money with their list plus build it faster…

This training is for you if you want to quickly and ethically create in demand products that have a high perceived value

My Personal No-Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee!

Here's what I want you to do. I want you to get your hands on this List Building Conquest training program right now. Go through just the first ten minutes of this training program, and if you already don't feel in ten minutes that you've gotten multiple times your investment today, then I demand you contact me, and I will return every penny of your purchase to you quietly and promptly. No questions asked.

Even Better I'll let you keep the product and make lots of money with it, so you can only stand to gain by saying yes today.

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To your online success,

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